Thematic and Intervention Area’s



·         Sanitation facilities; water tanks, boreholes, shallow wells were constructed

·         Supporting Primary Schools in Kampala with sanitation facilities

·         New venture into cesspool emptying

·         Sanitation credit introduced but not yet effective

·         Communities sensitized and equipped with water and sanitation management skills

·         Construction of boreholes and valley dam in Karamoja region

·         WASH awareness and sensitization project in Bulissa


Sustainable Agriculture

·         Improved food security and incomes among supported communities in Rakai and Soroti

·         Improvement in bulking and collecting marketing among farmer associations

·         Transformation of farmer associations into cooperative societies was initialised

·         Integration of the youth into agricultural interventions


Health promotion

·         Advocacy and empowerment projects for improving national health services in Kayunga District

·         Integrated HIV awareness rising and sensitization project to reduce new infections in and support Aids Patient with effective referrals in Rakai district



·         CIDI Advocacy strategy developed

·         Over 40 advocacy structures developed among supported communities

·         Improved responsiveness of communities through participation and demand for improved service delivery

·         Limited advocacy interventions at national level


Administration & management, HR, finance, and M&E

·         New organizational structure developed and operationalised

·         Financial procedure manual developed and implemented

·         Finance and Accounting system was computerized

·         HR policies are were developed

·         Terms of reference for board of directors developed

·         A computerized management Information system (MIS) was developed and operationalised to strengthen M&E

·         Strong M&E system implemented




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